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In these toxic times we can often forget to look to nature to help us find peace, balance and wellness. At True Love Metaphysical & Wellness, my expertise in spiritual work is designed to assist you on your spiritual journey, and to help you feel better in every way. Based in San Diego, I offer free consultations, affordable services and a range of products to help you on your way to balance and wellness. Book an appointment with us today on... Learn more

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 – I'll do a thorough job of helping you understand the meaning of the cards that are drawn, as well as helping you stay informed of things that may affect your future. I'll walk you through every step of the session and you can choose how deeply you wish to dive into your future or past experiences. Stop living in doubt, uncertainty and unhappiness, and get a grip on your future so you can start turning your world around.

Healing with nature naturally what the ancestors use..

Natural medicine, takes many years to understand and practice. If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner to guide you through the journey, then look no further. Understanding the practices is as important as undertaking them, and it's imperative that your guide has an innate understanding of each and every therapy you encounter. With my many years of experience and many happy clients, you can trust in me to provide... Learn more


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Angela G.

Clarity I sought and clarity was given! Thank you so much MystikAngel! You are a true blessing. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who seeks out clarity for their lives!

Steve R.

I was recommended by a friend on IG because I was looking for an authentic reader, and boy was she very thorough and right on target in her readings! Thank you MystikAngel!

Gloria E.

Beautiful crystal Jewelry set I purchased for my event. I was looking for something in the theme of mother of pearl and Boom! I was sent to True Love! Thank you !for the energy of your work is ...

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3 Reviews

CJ Heru 9

01 July 2022

01 July


The Reading was wonderful! Everything she said was in synchronicity with things I’ve been thinking.Especially letting go of the old to accept the new. She has a...
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Yaneth Fraire

08 March 2022

08 March


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